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Curbside Service



AS OF NOVEMBER 5, 2022 -- NEW CURBSIDE PICK-UP LOCATION:  Designated parking spot in Front Street parking lot near delivery doors.

Look for the Curbside Pick-Up sign.


  • Curbside pick-up is available from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Saturdays. Registration for a pick-up time slot is required. See the HOW IT WORKS and FAQ sections below. 
  • This program serves LLD patrons and reciprocal borrowers with valid Library barcodes. Register for a Library card from home by clicking here.
  • Pick-up items will be in plastic bags.
  • Items will be checked-out remotely. 
  • Please pay attention to your due date receipt for return dates. 


  • When scheduling a pick-up time, please indicate if you are picking up for more than one person/cardholder within your household by emailing or calling 630-971-1675. If you are picking up for someone else, please notify prior to picking up materials so that staff have time to verify permission/availability. 
  • Patrons should remain in their vehicles when they arrive to pick-up holds, until a Library employee brings your items out you.
  • The curbside pick-up is to pick-up items only. It is not for returns. Please continue to return all items in the outside bookdrops.
  • Certain items may not be “hold-able.” Please check the online catalog for available items.


  • Register for a Library card from home by clicking here.
  • In order to renew an expired LLD card, or if you have additional questions about your card, please email your full name and Library card barcode number to Circulation Services at 
  • If you have reference or readers advisory questions please email or  A staff member will contact you soon.


  • On Monday, May 18, 2020, the Lisle Library District (LLD) launched the Curbside Pick-Up program. This program was organized because of the COVID-19 crisis; however, this service has also fulfilled needs for those with mobility challenges, or for those who may have busy schedules and need a quick pick-up option.
  • The LLD is currently undergoing a major renovation. Once the renovation is complete, the Curbside Pick-Up Program will be replaced with a Drive-Up Service Window! Stay tuned for more details. You can find more renovation information on the LLD Capital Projects page


  1. Place your items on hold: Visit the LLD online catalog and place the items you would like on hold. Cardholders are currently limited to receiving 20 items per week. If you need assistance placing your holds, please call 630-971-1675 and listen for the phone prompts to direct you to a department, or email us at or if you cannot reach us by phone.
  2. Verify that your items are ready: After 24 hours, log into your Library card account to confirm that your items are available. They will have a status of ‘Held’ when available.  
  3. Schedule your pickup time: Once you have verified that your items are available, click on SCHEDULE LLD CURBSIDE PICK-UPGo to the LLD online calendar and schedule a pick-up date and time that works for you. Look for LLD CURBSIDE PICK-UP on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays on the online calendar. There are limited time-slots for each curbside pick-up day (times/days may be modified if necessary). CALL THE LIBRARY (630-971-1675) IF YOU ARE SCHEDULING SAME-DAY PICK-UP. We will keep holds for 7 days. 
  4. Pick-up your items: Once you have a pick-up time confirmed, drive to 777 Front Street, and enter the Front Street parking lot and park at the designated Curbside Pickup spot—a sign will indicate the correct parking spot. 

A. Call 630-971-1675 to let us know you have arrived. Please listen for voicemail prompts to guide you. Indicate if you are picking up for more than one person/cardholder in your household. 

B. A staff member will bring your holds out to you.

Please utilize the outside bookdrops to return all materials.

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place a hold over the telephone?

Yes. Call us at 630-971-1675 and listen for the new phone prompts to direct you to a department or email us at or for additional assistance.

How do I return materials?

Please return materials in the outside bookdrops. There are two, large, blue bookdrops in the parking lot (and an internal bookdrop near the Circulation Desk).

Are all materials available for pick-up?

No. Certain items are not available for pick-up, please check the online catalog for item availability. 

What if I don’t have a mobile phone? How can I let you know I’m ready for pick-up?

If you do not have a mobile phone to alert us that you are at the LLD to pick up your items, please notify us ahead of time via a landline call or via email, and we will make special arrangements for the pick-up.  

Do I need a Library card?

Yes, you must have a Lisle Library District card in order to place holds. However, you will not need the physical card to pick-up your holds. All holds will be checked-out to you before you pick-up. Register for a Library card from home by clicking here.

What if I miss or have to change my pick-up time?

If you miss or have to change your pick-up time, call 630-971-1675 to reschedule. Items that have been scheduled and are not picked up will be cancelled after 24 hours. Please do not come to pick-up materials without a scheduled/confirmed online pick-up time.

What if it is raining or we have bad weather?

We will do our best to provide pick-up service in any weather. Should dangerous weather conditions arise, we will suspend services until it is safe. We will contact patrons as soon as possible to avoid complications. Please provide your contact information when you schedule a pick-up. Materials will be in plastic bags.

Why are you using plastic bags for pick-up items?

Plastic bags are being used to protect materials and for patron privacy.

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